Bo Shuriken Design Plans

These plans are based upon information from a number of sources, including “Shuriken Giho” by Chikatoshi Someya, “Shuriken-do” by Mr Shirakami, from photos kindly supplied by Robert C. Gruzanski, and other generous visitors to this website, as well as blades from my own collection. ...Read More

Materials for Making Shuriken

Traditionally, shuriken were fashioned from pre-existing metal implements, rather than being specially made to design, a fact which quite probably greatly influenced the overall shape of blades within each particular style. In pre-Meiji Japan, metal was scarce and its use devoted predominantly to conventional weaponry, (swords ...Read More

Schools of Shuriken

Schools of shuriken With the exception of Negishi Ryu, and perhaps one or two others, Shuriken jutsu was not taught as a single art belonging to its own school or style, although even Negishi Ryu in the past was taught alongside a sword art, typically Yamamoto Ryu. ...Read More

Advanced Shuriken Throwing

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES Throwing the blade in Negishi Ryu Adjusting to distance When adjusting to the variation in distance while throwing in the Negishi Ryu, one cannot make the same simple adjustments possible in Shirai Ryu, where one just needs to turn the blade in ...Read More

How to Throw Shuriken – Basics

Wearing the Shuriken The shuriken’s tactical advantage is it’s small size and concealability, and ability for a quick draw which helps one gain the upper hand by using surprise when attacked. With practice, great accuracy with the shuriken can be achieved, and this enhances its tactical advantage. By ...Read More

Shuriken History

INTRODUCTION & SHORT HISTORY OF SHURIKEN Introduction The word shuriken, composed of the characters  ” shu”, “ri” and “ken“, is literally translated as “hand hidden blade”. The character “ri” is composed of the morpheme (meaning component) “i” as in clothing, in the sense of covering, as well as ...Read More