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5 Tips to Improve Your Kung Fu Stances

Kung Fu is the art form from the temples of Shaolin and was created by the monks who taught self-control and conserving the power of chi. The most important part of learning kung fu is the stances. It will give you are the right balance for your power while keeping your feet steady. Here are the tips to perfect your stances while learning kung fu.

Foot Position

Your feet must be in the correct position always so that you never lose your stance. The stance is automatically incorrect if your feet are not in the right position with the right spacing. Your feet will connect you to the ground and help you absorb the power of chi. When they are placed properly, the rest of the body automatically becomes balanced and aligned with power.

Foot Position

Align the knees

Next, you need to pay attention to the alignment of your knees. They should be aligned with your toes all the time, which will prevent any damage to the joints. The knee joint is build to work as a hinge to hold your upper body. If you do not have the knees aligned with the toes, you do not have the right balance, and your joints can get damaged over a long period. Make sure you do not have to sacrifice on your health over a long period of training.

Relax your body

Do not force yourself when you take the stance. It should flow through your body naturally as you get to the stance position. Your body should feel sinking to the ground when you are taking the stance. Doing this helps in keeping you stable and rooted in your position. As a beginner, you may not feel connected to the earth as much as the pros. You will have to work on this feeling until you feel it yourself. While training for kung fu, your body should always be relaxed, and your legs should not be treated as a balancing stand. Once you learn how to sink your body into the earth, you will be able to relax in your stance position way better. Your roots will also grow stronger and more stable.


When you start feeling relaxed in a stationary position, you need to learn to carry this energy along with you when you are moving. You need to maintain your connection with the ground and slowly start moving while lifting the energy from the earth along with your legs. Keep your feet relaxed and place them carefully. It will allow you to more freely with fluidity and alignment.


Develop self-awareness

Awareness is the key to master your stances while using previous tips. You should be aware of placing your feet, even when you are not looking. The alignment of your knees with your body relaxed should make the right connection with the ground every time your feet lands back. Moving will not mean anything unless you feel and are aware of your movements. That is the only way you gain the philosophy of kung fu.

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