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Martial Art Tricks: Most Effective Hand to Hand Combat Moves

No matter how many weapons you have, the only self-defence tools you can rely on all the time is your body. That’s the reason martial arts training is crucial for everyone. With self-defence skills, you can protect yourself from all forms of aggression, including armed attackers.

There are so many forms of martial arts you can train but hand to hand combat is the most recommended. The training equips you with self-defence skills to protect you from a myriad of threats, including weapons such as knives.

In this article, we will look at some of the most effective hand to hand combat moves. We have a list of moves that will disable your threat as fast as possible. If faced with a life-threatening scenario, the following moves can be very helpful. Also take a look at types of martial arts in order to pick the best type for your needs.

Throat Punch

Throat punch is no joke, no matter how tough you think you are. It is a punch that will instantly disable any threat. The throat is one of the weak points that trained to attack if you need the job quickly done. The punch crushes the windpipe making it hard for the attacker to breathe, and this will throw them off balance.

punch to the throat self defense training

Throwing a lead-hand punch, uppercuts and rear-hand punches are some of the best techniques to make a good throat punch. For men, hitting Adam’s apples knocks out the opponents instantly.

Eye Gouge

If attacked by more than one person, you need to use a hand to hand combat move that will throw them off balance as quickly as possible. Eye gouge is one of the best techniques. It an easy move but very effective, especially when dealing with untrained threats.

You just need to time and thrust your two fingers and thumbs into their eyes’ sockets. Slide the fingers under the eyeballs as the thumbs aim at the inner corners of the eyes near the nose. Press to scoop the eyes out or crush them inside. Eye gouge should be used as the last resort.

Rear Neck Choke

Reverse neck choke is one of the most dangerous hand to hand combat moves. Executing this technique is quite simple unless you are fighting with a professional martial artist. You just need to position yourself behind the attacker, wrap your arm behind their neck and lock in the hold.

The rear neck technique blocks the airwaves and cuts off the air going to the brain. Within a short time, you will knock them out. Holding this position for a long can cause brain damages or death. You need to know when to stop to avoid extreme damages.

The Long Knee

If you are fighting a professional, you need sophisticated moves to disable them. One of such moves is using the long knee move. The move aims at the groin and the abdomen. These areas of the body have soft parts that, if hit, can disable the enemy very quickly.

woman doing long knee attack as self defense tricks

To execute this technique, you need to get closer to the enemy and pull their neck to reach the groin and abdomen. Bend them a bit and move your knee forward with hard strikes. By hitting soft parts such as the liver, you will get the job done quickly.

Up Knee

Up knee is another close-quarter-combat move that will neutralise a threat quickly. Like the long knee move, the high knee requires pulling the opponent close and bend them to striking their face with the knee. The move requires swift swing to knock out the opponent.

You can either pull the opponent head with your hands or exploit their bad posture when they lean over. The up-knee move should target the nose and jaws. These the main weak points in the face that will easily throw the threat off balance.

The Palm Strike

The palm strike is another hand-to-hand combat move that’s super effective in disabling threats. It is one of the moves that your attacker may not see coming unless they are martial art experts. For the common bullies on the street, this move will definitely knock them unconscious.

The palm strike move uses the palm instead of a fist. The swiftness of this move is what makes it a perfect self-defence weapon. Aim at the nose and the jaws, which are the weak points in the face. Break the nose bone, and the job will be done quickly.

The Roundhouse Kick

The roundhouse kick is common in karate and Kung Fu. It is a deceptive move yet very powerful and will knock anyone blocks off if done properly. The kick generates almost the same force as a baseball bat. That’s how powerful it can be if done properly.

karate fighters practice kick in the head trick

With the roundhouse kick, you should only aim at the head. If the kick is strong enough, it will knock off the opponent no matter where in the head you hit. But you need proper training to perfect the kick because a trained martial art opponent can exploit it.

The Axe Kick

This is a brutal technique that can cause severe damages to the opponent. That’s the reason it is recommended as the last card if the incident becomes life-threatening. The move includes a straight down forceful step with all the power is concentrated on the heel.

To avoid damages that can cause severe damages or death, avoid hitting the head and chest. Instead, hit the knees, elbows or any appendage to disable the threat. However, you need to practice the axe move to use it efficiently.

These are some of the most effective hand-to-hand combat moves for self-defence. You can train in many places, but Thailand is among the popular martial art destinations. You just need to find a reliable  visa agency to get a Thai education visa to join a martial art school in the country. Thailand boasts of hundreds of professional martial art schools.

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