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7 Steps to Choosing the Right Martial Arts School

Martial art is a discipline which contains the techniques of self-defence and knowledge of our bodies. It is more than sports and teaches us a way of living. While there are many sub art forms under martial arts, you need to make sure that you benefit from the experience. While choosing a martial arts class, you need to consider a few things.

What is the purpose

The first thing you need to consider while looking for a martial art class is what you expect from it. You need to define what you hope to achieve from it. While some take up the class for keeping themselves fit, others are keen on learning every part of the art.


Choosing the instructor

Martial art is a practice of perfection. If your guru is not capable of the art himself, there is no point in getting incomplete education from them. Consider the style of teaching that the school uses. A good teacher will encourage you to keep expanding your skills and knowledge and will dedicate personal time for every student.

Rank does not matter

What you learn from martial art is that inner knowledge is more important than your performance in the technique. You should look for a teacher who will help you set goals for yourself and achieve them, irrespective of what belt they have or whether they are even a good teacher.

Accreditation is not important

Unless you want to complete at Olympic level tournaments, it is not necessary that you find an instructor who has participated in the Olympics before. What is more important is how you are able to improve yourself under them. A good sportsperson may not always be a good teacher. Take a few lessons with the instructor to see how well you can learn under them rather than going for their certificates.


Know your teacher

During the martial art classes, you will be learning from your teacher as well as other students. It can get difficult for a teacher to focus on everyone in the class, so they take the help of their best students to instruct the beginners.  Make sure that you talk about you being okay at instructed by someone other than the owner.

Check the curriculum

A martial art class should have a curriculum which will help you define your goals. In case have a busy life, you would want the classes to have a pace so you can learn martial arts moves quickly. A good martial arts class should have a systematic approach to classes.


Feel the environment

Visit the class one to get to know how you feel in that environment. The school should be neat and clean. It should provide enough space for students to move freely. The instructor should be motivating and informative for every move they teach. It is important that the school has a positive ambience and the students have a great attitude towards martial arts.

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