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How to Find a Good Martial Art School for Your Kids

Learning a martial art style at an early age helps a person to grow naturally into the art form. The body of the kids is more flexible to adapt to new situations which makes it easy for them to blend into any style they choose to learn. There are several martial art styles to choose from that includes kung fu, karate, taekwondo, judo, etc.  Many instructors have their own schools to teach the philosophy and techniques of martial arts, while others take classes in a rented place. If you are planning to pick a martial arts school for your kids, here is what you should consider first.

Free trial lessons

Martial arts schools often offer free trial classes to introduce their teaching methods and programs. Some may even ask for a small fee for the introductory programs. It gives you a chance to learn about the school and the instructor before you decide if it is a good fit for your kids.

Professional instructors

Make sure that you are learning under a professional instructor. Many instructors open martial arts classes as part-time and may not be able to deliver what is expected from an instructor who can dedicate time on your kids. They should have the highest levels of qualification in their art (such as black belt in taekwondo). It is even better if they have a preplanned training program to provide basic level training.

Age-appropiation curriculum


When you are looking for an instructor for your kids, make sure that the school provides a dedicated environment for kids only which does not include any adults. They should have a comprehensive age appropriation curriculum. It will provide the right physical and mental growth for your kids, and they can grow at their own pace.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Make sure that the martial arts school is safe and hygienic for your kids. The school should be well equipped with mats, punching and kicking targets, clean water, proper air circulation, etc. There should be clean toilets and changing facilities inside the school as well.

Grouping alike students

The martial arts school should have a grouping system which can help in tracking down the progress of the kids. The class should be divided among students based on their age and experience. It is essential that your kids grow in a learning environment at their own pace. If the instructor rushes through the curriculum because few of the students are doing good, it will affect the learning of your kids negatively.


Flexible membership options

You should always have a range of membership programs to choose from. Many schools ask you to commit to a fixed membership plan. This prevents you from switching schools if the child does not feel comfortable after a few days of training. Choose from the schools that have multiple membership plans, so you can save your money and time if you want to switch to a different school.

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